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Let music motivate your running

Let music motivate your running

Published April 13, 2018, Author Shoe Guide

Not in the mood?

Use music to boost your motivation to exercise

Some days we just do not feel like exercising.

If this is because of illness or injury then rest and recuperation is the only sensible option. But often a bad day at work, stress at home or too many distractions put us off the idea of heading out for a run or going to the gym.

What can you do? One way of altering how you feel is to use music. It can put you back on track and enable you to exercise at the correct level.

There are strong links between exercise and music. It's been proven that music can alter your mood so if you are feeling a bit weary, lethargic or de-motivated listening to some lively music can help get you pumped up and in the mood for exercising. It can get your heart rate up, take your mind off the other factors playing on your mind and get your ‘up’ in the mood for some training. Choose something with an upbeat tempo and some lyrics that encourage a positive feeling. A funeral march is not what you need! Also, don't get downhearted by thinking you need to go long to get benefit. Check out our short and sharp sessions to get a great workout fast!

On the other hand it is not always the case that you need stimulating. Sometimes after a stressful day you might be pent up or stressed out and actually in need of relaxing before you feel like doing your run, walk or gym session. You might be too charged up to feel like training. It is also a danger that charging into a session while pumped up on adrenaline could lead to you over doing it. Put some relaxing music on, take a few deep breathes and calm yourself.

A good selection of music in the car for when you are driving to the gym, or heading home from work can make the difference between a session being missed, over exertion or you heading out to exercise in the right frame of mind. Of course in themselves exercise and running can be great ways of switching off, relaxing, and getting yourself in a better frame of mind. So a bit of music followed by a suitable session can be just the thing you need to help you relax and unwind.

The bi-product of listening to music is also it's affect of exercise and losing weight! Check out our article here.

Checkout the numerous playlists available online, they’ll calm you down or rev you up if you need it(!), or check this out, it’s a link to a site that allows you to download your own music based on what you want and time on your feet – awesome!

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