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Will exercising to music help me lose weight?

Will exercising to music help me lose weight?

Published March 11, 2018, Author Andy Farnworth

Does listening to music help you exercise? YES! And not only that, listening to music can even help you lose weight!

If you are looking to lose weight through exercise then music could be the way forward.

Some research undertaken at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity's annual scientific has shown that running to music can help you lose weight.

Research was undertaken which looked what happened when a group of women mixed exercise and music.

The researchers looked at 41 overweight or obese women and did a 24 week study where they asked the women to diet and keep a calorie intake diary, take aerobic exercise (walk at least three times a week) and join in with weekly sessions to help them change their lifestyle. Some of the women were then given portable music players and told to listen to music of their choice while exercising.

They showed that all the women lost weight but that there was a beneficial effect of music on exercise. The women who listened to music lost more weight, had a greater reduction in body fat and also were more likely to stick to the exercise regime.

Scientists believe that listening to music while exercising can make exercise feel easier and increase motivation.

In this study the music was not chosen for the women, they could choose their own exercise music.

It is often thought that the best exercise music is that which fits in with the rate at which you are exercising.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘will listening to music help me run’, then the answer is a resounding yes! Running with headphones will certainly take your mind off the discomfort and keep you on pace. Find some good music to exercise to and boost your chances of success.

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