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Global Running Day

Global Running Day

Published May 30, 2018, Author Shoe Guide

What are you doing for Global Running Day?

The Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of our glorious sport. It is aimed at getting non-runners (apparently, the exist) moving, and it doesn’t matter what sort of shape you’re in or how old you are. Take the streets and do your own thing – run a lap of the block, jog a path in a park or just take the dog for a walk. The idea is that you just commit to do something and it’ll be great if you rope some friends in to joining you. You being active can inspire others!

The New York Road Runners Club have joined the virtual world and have a 1mile challenge, powered by Strava, for you to sign up to. Run a mile wherever you live, sign up here -https://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events/2018/nyrr-virtual-global-running-day-1M-june-4-10

If you wish to give yourself more of a challenge, you can find a Global Running Day event here https://www.facebook.com/groups/runningday/events

One of the most inspirational parts of the Global Running Day is the ‘Million Kid Run’ which is aimed at getting young people excited about fitness. It is hoped that by getting our kids moving, they will discover that being active is fun and easy to do. 

What are we doing? Well, we’ll be taking the latest Under Armour Sonic Hovr shoes for a 10 mile spin around Amsterdam and putting them through their paces. UA’s Hovr technology provides a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy according to the marketing so we’ll enjoy that ride! They’re rammed with tech so we’re looking forward to giving them a spin. We tried the Phantom a while back which we found a little unstable, but the Sonic looks like a more serious proposition altogether. 

Whereever you are, have fun and change the world! 

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