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12 easy ways to add fruit and veg to your diet

12 easy ways to add fruit and veg to your diet

Published March 17, 2018, Author Shoe Guide

12 easy tips

A healthy diet does not need to be more expensive or more hassle than eating unhealthy foods. In fact there are easy steps you can make to make sure your eating habits help you get fitter:

1. Keep a bottle of water to hand. Being hydrated is great for your health (everything from your digestive system to skin benefits), it helps you control your appetite and rather than grabbing a bite to eat out of habit, boredom or as a way of fidgeting you are more likely to drink water. Aim to drink two to two-and-a-half litres a day

2. Eat breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism and is likely to be healthier food than anything you’ll eat mid-morning if hunger-pangs kick in. Cereal or toast, and fruit juice is a good start to the day

3. Slice fruit on your cereal. You’ve just added another fruit and vegetable portion to your day

4. Drink a glass of fruit juice. A 150ml of pure fruit juice counts as a portion of fruit

5. Have a fruit bowl. Whether on your desk at work or the table at home make your ‘convenient’ food healthy

6. Add tomatoes. Whether eaten in a sandwich or cut up in a sauce with pasta tomatoes are a great source of nutrients.

7. Add raw vegetables into salads, for example cut up a pepper or some mushrooms, or grate some carrots

8. Use vegetables in casseroles or soups

9. Go for healthy snack options. Try raw carrots, a packet of raisins

10. Drink green tea. It is a great source of anti-oxidants. Research has found it may also help guard against cancer, reduce your chances of having rheumatoid arthritis and also lower cholesterol levels.

11. Pack your sandwiches. Going out to buy your lunch can often see the calorie count go through the roof due to high calorie dressings (such as mayonnaise) but also as you are more tempted to buy other foods such as a sugar rich soft drink or triple choc muffin

12. Pack a book with your sandwiches. Skip the liquid lunch, read a book instead. Going to the gym or for a walk offers an even healthier option.

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