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At Shoeguide.run we love reviewing shoes

We try and bring you un-biased reviews to help you pick from the vast choice of products available. However don't just take our word for it... we want your reviews too!

Find a shoe you run in, leave a review (either good or bad!) and our favourite one will win a brand new pair of shoes of their choice from our current top 10!

Winner anounced by email on the 31st July 2020

About Shoe Guide

Here at Shoeguide we cut through the hype to bring you honest reviews on all the top training shoes on the market today. We are not associated with any brands or dependant on advertising revenue, you can be certain that all the shoe reviews are independent.

All testing is carried out by experts in running and running shoes.

John Gladwin

John has been analysing and reviewing running shoes for more than 10 years now. John works with a team of shoe testers and has written guides on running for beginners, racing shoes, running shoes for women, shoes for heavier runners, track spikes, footwear for personal trainers, trail shoes... you name it, if you wear it on your feet to run in or train in, he's written about it.

John joined a running club when he was 14 and has been running ever since. For a time, John ran Internationally and has a mile PR time of 3:51.02. Following completion of a sports science degree, John became Course Manager for the London Marathon before joining Nike as their Running Marketing Manager. He left to set up shoeguide which launched in 2007.

Paul Larkins

Paul is a trained journalist and was the editor of one of the largest running magazines in the UK. As a freelance expert, Paul has been asked to write on running related issues for a wide variety to sports magazines and online sporting sites, but he has also been reviewing running shoes for many years. Paul is regularly invited to brand product launches where he is respected for his knowledge and honest reporting.

Paul's running career is impressive. Having run quickly as a youth, he was invited to study at the Ohio State University where Paul continued his athletic career finally returning to the UK to run Internationally over 3,000 & 5,000m. He is now passing his wealth of knowledge on to the next generation and coaching at his local club where many of his athletes have gone on to become state champions.

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