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7 reasons to run a marathon in 2018

7 reasons to run a marathon in 2018

Published April 28, 2017, Author SG


Playing around with the idea of running a marathon in 2018? Here’s why you should go for it! 

A life experience

Marathon runners will tell you that their first marathon was one of the greatest experiences of their life; something that they keep thinking about and feel so proud of. 

I was once at a marathon training weekend organised by the London Marathon. A panel of experts were giving advice to a large crowd of runners and this question was asked by the panel, “How many people here have run a marathon?” People raised their hands and then the panel asked this of those runners while their hands were still raised, “Lower your hand if it was not one of the top 5 experiences of your life”. No one lowered their hand. People then related their own experiences about how much it meant to them to finish or to run a certain time; how it was ‘up there’ with the birth of their kids… There was a real sense of pride in that room.


It’s not a dirty word and you’ll need to be disciplined to run a marathon but that’s a good thing. You’ll need to obviously train regularly, hopefully following a solid schedule, but you’ll also need to look after yourself. By that I mean you’ll need to eat well at the right times, get enough sleep and try and rest during the day if possible. You’ll eat, drink, sleep marathon. It’s not forever – embrace it!

Get fitter

The regular, longer training will mean that you’ll get fit! Maybe fitter than you’ve ever been. Enjoy the experience. You may well drop a few kilos in weight and you will almost certainly enjoy a better quality of sleep. That’s a win win!

Buddy up

Running a marathon will take you on a long journey and there will be times when the day has been tough and motivation is going to wane. Commit to meeting someone for the evening run and the guilt of not turning up will make sure you get your kit on! 

Why not join a club or a group of local community runners? You’ll meet new people, make friends and be able to share your journey with them.

Use the miles

One thing to enjoy about the long run is that you are able to leave the environment of your usual shorter runs. Use the extra miles to go and visit somewhere great. It might be logging up the miles along a river bank or weaving your way along forest paths. Jump in the car with your new-found friends and drive to the coast perhaps. Be inspired by your new surroundings; it’ll take your mind off the discomfort!


Your aim may be just to finish a marathon, any marathon, but if your finances allow why not turn it in to a holiday. Great marathons are held all over the world so if you have never been to New York, Hawaii, Paris, Venice, Hong Kong or Sydney before, now’s your chance! Check out the marathon calendar on this site - http://www.aims-worldrunning.org/aims.html

Hidden benefits

Look cut like never before, have a super-tuned cardio engine, enjoy lower stress levels, expand your social scene, visit somewhere new, maybe run and raise money for a good cause… 


Have we convinced you yet? Good luck!!!


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